Media Coverage of Midland Teen Court

 January 2018-- Program participant  wrote the following in her impact statment, "Teen Court has affected me in a lot of ways. It has shown me right from wrong and what a bad decision can lead to.  From going to Teen Court, I've noticed that it really opens my eyes to think fully before I decide to take action in something. Also, it made me relize the great responsibility that comes with my actions. By coming to Teen Court I've developed greater respect for the law from being sentenced by my peers."

 May 8, 2014--- Midland Teen Court Educational Seminar. Email by mom: "My son Nash attended your educational seminar today (May8). He really enjoyed it and wants more information on the presenter. He wondered if he was published and had any books available. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service and I truly hope it makes a difference in my son'a life."
 Sept 18, 2014 -- Executive Director was interviewed by CBS 7 Lauren Lanmon.