If Midland ISD is closed due to weather,
Midland Teen Court Office will also be closed. 


Midland Teen Court is a "hands on" educational opportunity that allows both offenders and teen volunteers to experience, thus better understand, our system of justice. A youth who has a case deferred to Midland Teen Court appears before a jury of peers and receives a "constructive sentence." The jury is made up of secondary school volunteers and youth who are serving as part of their sentence.

Midland Teen Court works to interrupt developing patterns of illegal behavior by motivating youth for self-improvement, developing healthy attitudes toward authority, and increasing self-esteem. Teen Court stresses the responsibility and accountability of each individual for his actions. Service on a Midland Teen Court jury challenges individual youth to perform at the highest level of ability. Teen Court also educates youth in preparation for life responsibilities as an individual, family member and citizen.

Mission Statement:

Midland Teen Court provides an alternative system of justice for youth to promote accountability and community engagement.

Core Values:
Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Education, Service, Caring, Ethics, Fairness, Self Respect, Leadership, Civic Participation, Citizenship, Voluntarism, Accountability, Trustworthiness

A community where youth are inspired to become good citizens


If MISD Schools are cancelled or the Midland County Courthouse is closed then Midland Teen Court office will also be closed and court sessions will be canceled.
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