As a defendant in the Midland Teen Court process, you are required to serve a certain number of nights as a teen juror. The specific amount of nights depends on your rank and the sentence upon which your jury decides.
What is Jury Duty?
Jury duty is part of your constructive sentence as a defendant of the Midland Teen Court. As a juror, you must attend any court session that is not your hearing date. You will hear several cases from defendants like yourself, and it is your responsibility to deliberate with other jurors and to decide what the sentence of each case will be.
All of our defendants have plead either guilty or no contest to the citations they have received, and so it is never the responsibility of the jury to decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty. Rather, it is the responsibility of the jury to decide upon an appropriate sentence for the defendant.
When Can I Serve Jury Duty?
Midland Teen Court Sessions are always scheduled on Mondays at 5:00pm a the Midland County Courthouse. We will never hold a court session on any other night or any other time.
The Midland County Courthouse:
500 N. Loraine
1st Floor
When Can I Start Serving as a Juror?
As soon as your case is entered into our system, every jury duty you serve will be counted towards your case until all of your requirements are completed. If you are volunteering, you may start serving in the 7th grade.
Can Jury Duty Count as Community Service?
Yes, but only after all of your required nights of jury duty have been fulfilled. Once you have served all assigned nights, every extra jury duty you serve will count at 2 hours of community service. 
Defendants are welcome to return to Teen Court once their case has been completed. They will receive 2 hours of community service for each night they attend, and many teachers accept extra credit for participating in our program.
Where do I Go to Serve as a Juror?
The Midland County Courthouse:
500 N. Loraine
1st Floor
What Do I Wear to Jury Duty?
We DO NOT ALLOW SHORTS. Any person who arrives to a Teen Court session wearing shorts, hats or any kind ripped will not be allowed to enter the courtroom, and therefore will receive no credit for attendance. This includes jurors, defendants, and parents. We ask that you refrain from rolling up the hems of your pants, and that all shirts need to remain tucked in (excluding ladies wearing blouses).
Keep in mind that as you enter the courtroom, you are entering a place of formal government. Please dress conservatively and show respect for our judicial system.
Does My Parent/Guardian Have to Come With Me?
No. The only time we require that a defendant be escorted by a parent or guardian is on the night of the defendant's hearing. However, parents and guardians are welcome to stay with their child as he/she serves jury duty. We only require that everyone who enters the courtroom sign the confidentiality oath.  
How Many Jury Duties Do I Have to Serve?
The amount of jury duties assigned is different for each defendant. A defendant's sentence is based upon the rank of their citation and the good judgement of our jury.