What to Expect
Non-Traffic Cases
Upon enrollment into our program, we will send you a intake packet containing a contract of agreement, a list of non-profit organizations through which we suggest you serve your community service, a calendar card containing all of the dates we hold court sessions, and enrollment papers for your records. These papers contain information such as your assigned court date, completion deadline, and meeting date. It is important that you read through these documents carefully and contact our office to clarify any questions or concerns you may have.
Read the contract carefully and make any changes to the information we have recorded in the document. Then sign, date, and return the contract to our office before your assigned court date. 
**Failure to return your signed contract to us before your court date will result in an extra hour of community service added to your sentence. 
Office Appointment
Once you are enrolled in our program, you will be scheduled with an appointment to visit with one of our staff members. We ask that you bring your signed contract to this meeting so that we will have it on record at this time.
During this appointment, we will ask that you tell us what happened from your point of view. We will ask you about the events leading up to the issuing of your citation, what happened afterwards, and a few questions about your personal experiences. This will be compiled into a plea, which you will sign at the end of the meeting. We will then take those notes and the plea to court so that our Teen Attorneys may familiarize themselves with your case. 
Your Court Night
Proceed directly into the court room and sign in at the front.  
You will be asked to meet briefly with your defense attorney before court on the day of your hearing, so try to arrive at the courthouse with ample time to sign in and answer their questions before 5:00pm. 
You will be subject to the cross examination of our Teen Attorneys. This means that when you have your case heard, you will be answering questions from both the prosecutor and the defense attorneys of Teen Court.   
When the judge calls you to the stand, he will swear you in and direct you to the witness box. A jury of your peers will be located to your right. If you know any member of your jury, ask the judge to dismiss them from the courtroom.
You will then be subject to the cross examination of our prosecuting and defending Teen Attorneys. Answer their questions honestly and completely, and you will be allowed to sit back down in your original seat. Your jury will be sent into the jury room to deliberate. When they are finished, the judge will call you back up to the bench. The jury will deliver your verdict and it is the judge's decision whether or not to approve it. Once your verdict is approved, you will be sent out into the hallway with your parent or guardian to the check-out table. One of our employees will be seated at the table waiting to check you out and provide you with any additional information you will need to complete our program.
When you leave your hearing, you will know exactly how many nights of jury duty and hours of community service you must serve before your completion date.

Discipline Grid
The teen jury sets constructive sentences within the set discipline grid. The standard sentencing per rank are listed below. Each defendant is assigned
community service and evenings of jury duty.
The ranks include (but are not limited to) the following:
Rank 3

15-25 hours of community service

3-4 evenings of jury duty

Includes citations for: Curfew Violations, Tobacco Offenses,Violation Driver License, etc.
 Rank 4
25-40 hours of community service
3-5 evenings of jury service
Includes citations for: Disorderly Conduct, D.U.I. (Minor), Minor Consuming Alcohol, Minor in Possession, Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Simple Assault, Theft under $50, Violation of School Attendance Laws, etc.

Rank 4+/ Rank 4++ 

Defendants who return to our program within 2 years are raised in rank for each new case or do not show up to have their case heard when scheduled.
A rank 4+ will serve between 40-50 hours of community service.
A rank 4++ will serve between 40-60 hours of community service.


Midland Teen Court Sessions
Midland County Courthouse
500 N. Loraine
                   October               1, 15, 29
                   November            5, 26
                   December            3, 10, 17

                  January                14, 28
                  February              11, 25
                   March                  4, 18, 25
                   April                    8, 15, 29
                   May                     6, 13, 20
                   June                    10, 24
                   July                      8, 22